Sure, I really don't see why it's not okay. It's a game. I really don't see how desired them to be contained and not be limited makes me sexist. Again, the problem is with the men and women who think it is not okay. Maybe they are the individuals who have to modify their attitude and become more accepting of change. It is like battlefield as well the NBA 2K MT Coins latest one. Females are in a world war setting, it generated so much backlash (I really didn't give a shit about that btw). Love the addition of wnba in 2k and my career, I just don't need them to destroy NBA 2K21 with what they didn't reside. If you played it you'd know.

That's kind of comparing apples to oranges however. I honestly do not care, I believe it'll be cool, it is up to 2K to implement it correctly because if not it can ruin NBA 2K21. In the end of the day tho I really don't care, only a tiny little trendy thing to get you know. I don't want some backlash from immature hags.

If you read everything he said you'd understand what im saying. The continuous bashing off girls for just wanting to be in a basketball match. Like what I said how do you support something similar to blm which intended to symbolise equality for everybody but then constanly wish to belittle women in everything you do. You can compare people without bashing them. A good deal of the things said are not necessary, we all know men are better than girls at most sports no need to state it in a degrading way. More importantly ITS a NBA 2K21 game if nba2k decided to go down the origin 98 ovr wnba players are getting stomped by 67 ovr nba players do you understand how bad that looks for the business.

You discuss realism but your able to moonwalk beyond defenders, rate boost, momentium dribble spam, so get tf from here with Buy 2K21 MT precision. Online gamemodes"The Park" is a spacious world where you can play so stating only men are allowed in this park and only women are permitted in this park, so do you believe thats fine, thats the same as saying just white men and women are allowed in one park and black people are allowed in another.