A new audio drama produced by fans records the mission line of RuneScape. British actor Josh Strife Hayes offers fans of classic MMORPG a podcast-like adventure.

RuneScape, released as early as 2001, is still one of the largest MMORPGs on the market and even recently released as a mobile game. It is worth mentioning that RS Gold and other currencies are common in different ports. The game is famous for its in-depth skill system, branch tasks, and huge economic strength. Although the current version of the game RuneScape 3 has a large number of players, it has also caused controversy due to unlimited microtransactions.

Like many MMORPGs, RuneScape requires players to spend a lot of time training various skills in addition to completing tasks. If you are bored during the task, you can Buy RS Gold from the RSgoldBuy site for help.

Troubles and disputes uniquely developed knowledge of RuneScape. It expands existing content through verbal dramatization. Video games usually naturally cover the visual and auditory manifestations of their stories, but the lack of dubbing and detailed visual effects in Old School RuneScape allows the imagination to be filled.

The game's developers continue to release new content for RuneScape 3, but the exclusive fans of Old School RuneScape will continue to expand the 2007 version of the game in ways beyond the usual.