Madden 21 is launched globally, which is highly anticipated. This year's annual release has a record-breaking Lamar Jackson (Lamar Jackson) on the cover, which is a follow-up to the strong performance of last year's league MVP. It is worth mentioning that "Mad Men 21" has made some major adjustments to the gameplay to improve the game experience and try some bold attempts, including the NFL street-style arcade mode. Players can already use the online store Buy MUT Coins to unlock powerful players as soon as possible.

Madden 21 is expected to be continuously updated, and at the same time, it needs to comprehensively improve the gameplay and the intimidating mode. Madden 21's entry on the scene implies that it has a strong staying power. Last year, because the ratings were cut, the X factor of the superstar made the best performance stand out. Better play also improved the overall feeling. Various details are integrated into it. Prominent among them is the Skill Stick function, which is an enhanced version of the correct analog joystick controls in previous games. When smashing the action, the Skill Stick can move with greater fluidity and natural movement, instead of hitting or passing the ball like removing the ball.

It's an improvement to get rid of the intermittent pace and pass the defender easily, and it feels better than the previous version. This feature is not only interesting for pick-up games, but obviously it will also be a decisive factor in the competition. The other factors of a smooth game usually feel quite balanced. After providing realistic shots for passers last year, quarterbacks can now try to pass the ball when dismissed. The high-throwing accuracy cutoff in the ratings eliminates certain arcade Y-lobes, which are actually only unique to Patrick Mahomes in real life. For straddle throws and in general, this is a similar story that is much needed.

Now, players will not feel helpless on the defensive end. The position and style of the tackle play an important role in the style of play and attack. When an aircraft carrier approaches them, the guards controlled by A.I. will eventually realize this better. More importantly, based on the attention to detail between the end and the end of the game, how the realistic gameplay will change. Players are able to lend a helping hand more than ever, and the choice of instant celebration is also great. It sounds stupid, but how players move between games has also been redesigned to feel more real.

As a result, this is the best-feeling "Madden" so far. Superstars can gain an advantage through proper use, but they will not feel overpowered, and surprisingly, these changes have helped the Department of Defense keep pace with the Jacksons and Mahomes in the world. Like last year, players will no longer be the dominant players at level 80. The key seems to be a smooth and strategic game, in which the smaller details are the most important game by game. Madden NFL 21 Coins is the only universal currency in the game, which can help players earn superstars in advance.