With this, I want to see a more dwelt in world. Expand Varrock, provide it houses with people who visit shops as well as the GE and the palace ect and just dwell a (randomly chosen ) life. Think elder scrolls such as NPCs that RuneScape gold have matters they go to do from time to time but in RS. That sounds Data-consuming, time consuming, difficult, and incredibly crucial. These are things that the community has wanted for some time things which I want to see. Like the part where you can sit on seats has been suggested for years by many distinct players, even funnier is that you can sit on the clan citadel and on the seats in your poh, I do not see why the rest of chairs can not be made like this. Inb4 muh spaghetti code.

This is what I expected to see occurring, when they said they scrapped the growth launch method, but it never did, they then began using expansions as seen with Anachronia release and Archaeology. That is how I believe what they should have done, even though it takes 5 years or more to create all past content"updated" again, its frankly better doing so because just the act of getting Runescape fully upgraded, social, functional and working would bring many more players to it. It's sad how this can't be seen by them.

Jagex is Far Better when Gowers is in charge

Jagex endlessly and currently fights. They assert against the men and women who care about only money, cash, and money. When quests don't pump up those numbers that corporate wants to see how do Jagex make quests that are good? Do quests boost player retention by as much as another long grind? No. They simply build Runescape's world and earn RuneScape more enriching. That. Enriching your life may. Inspire you to perform something. Something that is not sitting playing RuneScape. Corporate doesn't want a fast experience that is once-in-a-life-time - they wish to give you an endless grind to help keep you coming back every single moment.

You try creating a pursuit. And guess who gave attention? The Gowers. They might have maintained control - but they cheap OSRS gold gave it all up for cash. It was not better when the Gowers have been in charge - they're the reason! This one feels like a small cop out. "They're the reason we are in this mess" only follows if it had been better under their management, which you said it wasn't.