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Some of us don’t spare much though while buying a chair but a simple chair can be extremely useful in our lives. Especially if we think about our work space a chair and a table plays a crucial part in our live. The work performance of workers can be affected due to the lack of a good chair. A chair is not only a space where we sit in but it also directly connected to the comfort of the worker which again affects his performance. As the working hours normally varies from five hours to more depending on the workload this long time couldn’t be spent if we are not comfortable with the chair we sit in.

Keeping all this points in mind various companies has come out with several kinds of chair specially made for office, hospitals or schools. Cleanroom chair are the kind of chairs that specifically designed keeping in mind the structural difference of every workers for example if the employee is taller in he will need certain kind of size and back adjustment that will be suitable for his body structure same things goes for employees with shorter or medium height. It gives the user a feel of comfort and perfectly fits for any kind of hygienic environment. So the next time when we will buy a clean room product we have to choose it carefully according to our requirement.

Features of clean room chair

These chairs are specifically designed for sterile environment. That makes it an ideal product to use in pharmaceutical, bio labs or hospitals. Keeping the best interest of the technicians and workers in mind there are some add on features that make this chairs different from the normal chairs we use. Those features are:

  • Clean room chair comply the standard of ISO cleanliness.
  • The height of the chairs are adjustable
  • Can be turned till 360 degrees adjustment
  • Footrest and glides are available for comfort and leg support
  • Can be used in wet room, clean room and preparation of food
  • Braked castor system is also available in gliding chairs
  • Electrostatic discharge system is equipped in the chairs
  • Some are washable

Things to keep in mind while choosing a clean room chair

There are several points to consider if we are buying this chair in bulk for the workplace. We have to take an average of the body structure of every technicians and who is over and under the average to decide the perfect chair required for them.

  • We have measure the height and weight of every worker and those who are over the average weight will need a chair with more space. In that case clean room offers plus size chairs for those individuals.
  • We have to consider the popliteal height of the chair which the measurement of the lower leg in proportion to the height of the chair. The height of the chair will be considered as ideal when we can sit in the chair keeping our feet firmly on the ground.
  • The seat depth can be determined if between the seat and the backside of our leg will have a considerable difference and the backrest cushion will help distributing the surface area for the distribution of our weight.
  • The width of the seat will be decided on the wideness of our hip the seat should be always broader than our hips and the armrest will add additional space.
  • To make the sitting arrangement more comfortable we should ensure that our leg should fall at 90 degree angle while sitting.
  • Cushion plays a great role in choosing our chair if the cushion is thickly padded and highly dense it will distribute our weight better and also if the cushion is contour we won’t have the feeling of slipping down from our chairs.
  • As we can find both cluster and glide. We can choose any one variant, if the technician is restricted in the cubicle cluster chair will work fine for them but if it is required for them to move a little bit every now and then in that case a glide chair will work best.
  • Placing the perfect armrest can be tricky if the armrest should be in such a height that the worker should be able to be near the workstation and also ban touch there back in the chair comfortable without hampering there movement.
  • Vinyl and polyurethane used in the seat ensure that no particulate is released in the clean environment of the lab and this martial is also easier to maintain and clean.
  • The height of the backrest should meet our requirement by supporting our spinal lumbar contour.

In the end all of these points solely depend on the technician who will be using the chair. This entire requirement is fulfilled by the all clean room chairs.