The POE team plans to release the Mac-compatible POE version everyone expects which when the new league release next month. But maybe because Mac is not suitable for playing games, this version is probably only suitable for light gamers. It is already very good for Mac users are under pressure at work. They need to reserve POE Currency to enter the new league.

Before testing the stability of POE on Mac, they must release Vulkan on this PC version, because Vulkan will become the renderer we use on Mac OS. After improvement, it has improved the exquisite effect of the game screen. Under the same picture quality, comparing the previous and current versions, players will find that the details of the interface will be more detailed.

This year’s severe epidemic disrupted the development plans of many game companies. The game team had to postpone the release time of POE 2 Beta to ensure that they can release the four leagues this year on time. Anyway, it is impossible to see the release of POE 2 Beta this year, which makes players very disappointed, but they can also understand the actions of the game team. They are intensively developing the new league in September and preparing for the tenth anniversary celebrations of the same month and the adaptation of Mac.

They are still insisting on optimizing the POE client of each platform to bring players a continuous pleasant experience. Although the current Harvest development cost them a lot of hard work, they are very satisfied with the results they got. They are also more confident to provide more and better content to the players and thank the players for their unremitting support during the six months. To cope with the next challenge, players had better go to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs before facing them.