I resisted the urge to buy a couple Birkenstocks for about 24 months. They're pretty pricey for the sandal, and I just didn't knowledge long the crunchy sandal look can be in vogue, especially in New york City where I are living.

Then I got a strong annoying, mysterious foot injuries, and my podiatrist told me I couldn't wear virtually any super flat shoes—effectively ruling out every single pair of sandals MY SPOUSE AND I owned—right as summer was rounding the corner.

So I did it—I drawn the trigger and bought a couple orgeous, supportive, white Birkenstocks. My own feet were happy. My wallet would overcome it. But I has been obsessed.

At the time, I was gearing up for just a big trekking trip within Peru with REI Activities; we'd be spending last week in Cusco, Peru, hiking Macchu Picchu after which it heading up to the actual high Andes mountains to get a multi-day lodge-to-lodge trek. I needed to bring a couple of sandals that would keep my foot injury coming from flaring up (especially with all the current time I'd be expending hiking), and could serve as my ~chill~ sandals inside the lodges or while walking around town...but I sure as hell wasn't gonna bring my shiny light, brand-new Birkenstocks on carry on your workout hiking trip, complete having llamas and alpacas galore. Le dilemma.

Luckily, somewhere over the internet, I stumbled across the waterproof version on the classic Birkenstock Arizona sandals—and for fewer than half of the $100+ cost of the leather as well as cork versions. (FYI, you are not supposed to get that classic Birks super wet because doing so can damage the leather-based and compromise the sealant, based on the brand. )
Now, I didn't even try and resist; I snagged a couple of black Birkenstock Arizona Essentials (Buy It, $45, amazon. com), which are made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) an excellent light plastic polymer that is flexible and feels pretty much like foam under your feet.
And, TBH, I almost hate to talk about it, but I might love these babies in excess of the originals. Because they're made from EVA, they're totally water-proof, easy to clean, float in the event you drop them in a new body of water, and they are also insanely comfortable. While they are not quite as supportive for the reason that classic cork Birkenstocks (which are known if you are great for your toes, thanks to their orthotic-like footbeds), they're more comfortable, since the EVA gives you cushion-like give. It can evoke you're walking on very small memory foam platforms.

I've since worn all of them for long walks around New york City, to the seashore, on boats, around your property, and for walks in the woods—these things go everywhere and still look beautiful. I bought a dark-colored pair because I assumed I'd personally get them dirty, nonetheless after seeing how very easily they rinse off, I might need to buy a number their bright colorways far too. (Which, honestly, at solely $45, who can refrain from?!) The brand at this time offers 11 different colors from the waterproof sandal on Amazon, like khaki green, bright red, coral, metallic copper, and also scuba blue. They likewise have a creamsicle orange shade that's, like, pure, summer joy in the shoe.
Reviewers agree that these sandals include the freaking best; 75 percent of the 6, 814 reviewers on Amazon customers five stars, and these are also ranked a #1 Ideal Seller on Amazon intended for women's slide sandals. 1 reviewer, who has used leather Birks for "about SOMETHING LIKE 20 years now, usually enjoying a new pair every couple of years" says that they decided to give the EVA State of arizona Essentials a shot, and wound up loving them: "I wore these virtually any day for about 8 months and I'm sure I could probably keep enjoying a while, but they are searching a bit worn. Now i'm impressed with these. I feel as though I absolutely got my $40 worth people out of them. " The reviewer also mentions of which "for $40, these are a good introduction to the who aren't ready to pay out the big bucks for the leather versions, and luckily they are a great deal some people will like Birkenstocks but require something waterproof. "

In case you are interested but not in the traditional double-strap style, you may also grab a pair health of their Barbados Essentials slides (Buy The item, $40, amazon. com), Gizeh Requirements T-strap sandal (Buy The idea, $45, amazon. com), or even a pair of the Birkenstock Honolulu Sandal (Buy That, $40, amazon. com), the supportive flip flop, from the same EVA material.

All I can say is always that once you've tried a pair of Birks (leather or EVA) in conversation with go back—you'll be hooked.
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