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Laboratories are those places that need extreme physical and mental work. Like different furniture and equipment of the laboratory proper seating arrangements in the form of stools and chairs are highly necessary to keep the safety and comfort of workers at an optimum level.

It is also an integral part to maximize the productivity of your lab. In this aspect selecting chairs specifically designed for the lab, usage is highly necessary as different chairs and stools have different purposes and according to those purposes, these are built.

The major thing to consider in this case is the working conditions. Generally, selecting an ergonomic chair or a stool will benefit you in this aspect. These chairs can bend to some extent and will not give you back problems. In laboratories, some workbenches have some height from the ground and you cannot use normal stools or chairs in this case as it will not give you that much height.

So, this kind of small thing becomes a big deal when it comes to selecting an ideal chair.  Also, while working in the lab, you need to move from one place to the other. In this case, if you have wheels attached to your chair or stool, the movement will become seamless. You should not think much regarding the expenditure concerning the chair as it will be a long-term investment and you will not be throwing the chairs out before a minimum of 5-6 years.

A laboratory environment can often be boring, serious, and dull. Hence, you should add some fun or aesthetic appeal to the laboratory in the form of stools and chairs. You can add that aesthetic to your laboratory by getting polished aluminum, cast aluminum chairs, or chairs that are made from tubular or reinforced nylon.

There is a huge range of options to choose from. In this scenario choosing chairs and stools which have armrests, bases, footrests or rings allow you to add little more to the seating places. This ultimately becomes a positive side for the workers of the lab. Hence, the combination of functionality and aesthetics should be your goal. Now there is a basic difference between office chairs and lab chairs which will let us learn more regarding the things to look for while buying chairs and stools for your lab. We will discuss this difference in the following section.

In offices, the chairs are of low height with back support and are used majorly to sit in front of a cabinet or cubicle which does not have much height. Whereas, in the laboratory, major works are done on the workbench which has a substantial height difference compared to the cubicles in the offices.

 That is why if you get office chairs for your lab, it will be wasteful expenditure. There are 3 major things which you should look in a lab chair or stool. Read the next portion of the article to find about that.

Go for Functionality, never make a compromise

Functionality is the most important factor to look at every lab component. Hence, chairs or stools are no exception. Lab work is highly demanding for your physical energy and hence you need to sit for long hours. Hence, you should select those models which have a positive impact on your posture. You might opt for chairs which have some kind of a backrest or armrest as these will provide you and other workers some relaxation.

Think about the height

We have mentioned the issue of height since the beginning of this article and indeed it is one of the major things to look at while selecting chairs for your lab. If the height of your chair is too much, it will put a lot of pressure behind your knees making it difficult for blood to circulate. On the other hand, very low chairs, will restrict you from reaching the workspace and give troubles while working. The best idea in this aspect can be a lab chair that has customizable height. The person sitting on it can manage the height according to their requirement.

Make mobility a major concern

Stationary chairs are useful if you do not move around the lab too often but almost all the labs have different work stations or workspaces to perform different types of experiments. To solve the issue of running around from one corner to the other it is better to go for a lightweight wheel-containing chair or Laboratory Stools. Also, it is better to go for the same kind of ergonomic chair if you need to slide around the lab almost all the time. Wheel-based chairs make your life easy around the laboratory. It also enables you to multitask.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully the article was able to clear your doubts regarding the selection of laboratory stools and chairs. As a pro tip, you go for a sleek design with some added aesthetic just to make your lab peppy and bright.

Also, always remember to put the safety and comfort of yourself and other workers into priority and get the best equipment and furniture to boost the morale and work culture of the lab.