Dame 2K MT was in scorching form before the lockdown although I don't think anyone forgot. Numbers do not even do justice to it but I will post them anyway for individuals to appreciate again. He had that 10 game stretch from mid Jan to mid Feb at which he averaged 42/6/10 on 52/52/92 shooting (51.5% from three on 13 attempts per game!). Even I was pissed off watching it. You hate to see players fight it out for 48 minutes only for a bad choice to destroy it.

Its even worse when u consider that they had been fighting to get back to playoff contention with all these traumas and that occurs in a must win game. Your right it completely invalidated NBA 2K and ruined the vibe, was a match before that. CJ made a point about it. He acknowledged that calls occur, but it was shitty the refs ignored him said it was not even close. It was especially brutal because it was the next night of a b2b when our staff was dead. It was a frustrating season and you might see how exhausted the players were.

Even the Jazz players seemed conscious of what happened. Gobert created a wonderful cube, just happened to work out for a target tend, when you're in the business of racking up a couple blocks in an average game which occurs occasionally. It was a fantastic ball game wrecked the fact that we don't do officiating. Yeah, I don't fault Gobert. He chased a block down, sometimes it's gonna be a GT. But the refs repeated almost mocking,"It's completely clear, clear block, no we won't examine", even after the replay, even after NBA 2K,"Nope, you are wrong, we got a plane to catch", was that the infuriating part.

So Wilt's total points per game average for that stretch would be 64.3 ppg off individual scoring and assists (no 3 point, all 2 stage assists). In Dame's finest ten game stretch for total scoring, he also averaged 41.5/9.4. In that period, he created 23.8 ppg off aids, for a total of 65.3 ppg. Technically, there was a second overlapping 10-game stretch (at the exact same 11 matches ) where he made 64.4 ppg.

One thing you mentioned is that Wilt may have had a much better 10 game extend elsewhere. I doubt it, given that his 100 point game is at that stretch. Nonetheless, it's potential. The next is that I don't know if and-ones are counted in the stat. If they are, we don't actually have any way to know how a lot of Wilt's aids led in and 1s. That said, in that case, half of the 22 aids would have had to result in an extra stage to get to 65.4 total ppg. That also seems pretty improbable.

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