Gold in Elder Scrolls Online is often easy to come by, but it’s even easier to spend. Equipment upgrades, motif pages, house furnishing, storage chests, bank and character inventory upgrades, mount training — these are just some of the ways to spend your gold.

join trading guilds!

ESO is definitely lacking in ways to grind pure gold or vendor trash. If you hope to make any serious amount of gold you will have to join at least one trading guild. Remember, you can be a member of up to 5 player guilds at the same time.

Any trading guild worth a damn will have a weekly sales requirement, and it’s up to you to determine how much you can sell per week. 5k or 10k weekly requirements are very easy to exceed even for newer players. Most 10k guilds will have good guild trader spots every week, enabling you to more easily and quickly sell goods.

If you play ESO on PC, having either of these addons is a huge help in setting prices and in recognizing items which sell well. Master Merchant reads item prices in all of your guilds, and Tamriel Trade Centre does the similar, but with a crowd-sourcing component, where every user of the addon contributes to a global database. The former addon is easier and simpler to use – just install it and let it do its thing while you play, while TTC requires you to run a separate client software in the background to utilize its capabilities.

Even though level itself isn’t as important in Elder Scrolls Online as it used to be before the One Tamriel update, most players are at Level 50 and above Champion Rank 160, which means most low-level items don’t have a profitable market – Champion 160 items are the ones which can sell really well. Resource nodes for Woodworking (tree stumps), Cltohing (material nodes), Jewelry Crafting (seams) and Blacksmithing (ore) scale to two factors – half of them will be leveled to your character’s level or Champion Rank, the other half will be leveled to the relevant crafting skill’s current level.

So if your character is level 50 / CP 160, but your Blacksmithing skill is at 1, the mining nodes you see will be split 50/50 with Rubedite (the CP160 ore) and Iron (the lowest level ore). Because of this, even if you don’t really plan on researching traits and crafting items, you should still level up Clothing, Woodworking or Blacksmithing. Jewelry crafting is too expensive to level up, and level does not matter for the rest of the disciplines.

Quick Guide for What Sells

Currently as of Summerset, any kind of Jewelry regardless of quality or level can be sold for quite a lot. On the PC-EU server, even white jewelry pieces go for 400-500g/piece, and the epic ones you can get from random daily BGs and Dungeons go for about 1500 / piece. If these items have the Intricate trait on them, you can sell them for even more.

Also, any kind of item with the Intricate trait can be easily sold at guild stores, for about 120-250g/piece – much more than if you just sold them to a vendor. Items with the Ornate trait should always be sold to NPC vendors, since their value is tripled to them and these items are useless otherwise.

The various flowers of Tamriel can also be sold easily – they are always needed by Alchemists for brewing different Potions, so you shouldn’t neglect collecting them.

There are many different ways of Farming ESO Gold. Use those that match your playing style to increase the pleasure of earning. Be patient and try to mix a few ways of earning to constantly increase profits. If you can't be bothered however you can always buy ESO Crates from . Doesn't matter if you are a Templar, Nightblade, Sorcerer, Warden, Dragonknight or Necromancer - we got you covered.