Although the POE game team does not set up a special trading platform for players to trade with each other, they can still choose the items they want to trade by hiding the categories in the tabs in the micro-transaction store in the game. There are some items that are worth trading for players, such as maps or rare materials or other unique types of loot. In fact, these are also excellent choices as financial products. In this way, players can continue to follow these steps to earn many POE Currency.

If players want to sell their idle items, you can place them in the advanced tab and set the item price or the amount of resources you need. If someone happens to need the item you are selling and the price happens to be within his tolerance, then he will communicate the details of the item transaction with you through private messages. The trading interface in the game shows all the items that players are selling. If players don’t know how to set the price, they can search for similar items sold by others to find out how they set the price.

Sometimes the price of an item you sell and the same item sold by others are very different. Perhaps novice players will not understand why this happens. That’s because other people may have collected loot after going deep into the league and fighting the monsters in the deepest place, but you just collected the loot dropped by those monsters at the beginning of the challenge. Although the two types are the same, the value of coverage is different.

Besides exchanging goods, players can also use their own POE Items or POE Chaos Orb to get urgently needed items that other players are selling. If they do not have enough reserves, they need to hurry to Buy POE Currency. Because if they don’t buy it quickly, other players may buy the items they need first. These methods can allow players to maintain the economic background of game activities more solid.