The stopcock is a ball valve used to control the flow of liquid or gas in the laboratory. They are available in different forms, where the three-way stopcock is made of polycarbonate and has numerous channels for multiple infusion treatments. The three-way stopcock can withstand pressures up to 5 bar and includes a smooth and fully rotatable faucet. It is mainly used in the intensive care unit (ITU) and all ward areas of the arterial and venous system.


Factors driving the three-way plug valve market include: the large demand for valves in the healthcare industry, R & D activities in accordance with the changing requirements of various industries to design their products, the large number of tests conducted by ITU, and the high dependence theater. In addition, due to the increased demand for the control of blood flow in the healthcare sector, the development of healthcare infrastructure and the growth of valves have further driven the growth of the market. However, the lack of skilled professionals and accidents (such as drug leakage) when using three-way stopcocks limit the growth of the market. It is expected that increased clinical trials and increased demand for three-way stopcocks will provide the pharmaceutical industry with many opportunities to drive market growth in the near future.


The three-way plug valve market is segmented by type, end user and region. According to the product, the market is divided into oblique orifice three-way plug valves and T-shaped three-way plug valves.



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