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Laboratory freezers and refrigerators are among the essential electronic machines. If your lab deals in items that need preservation, a fridge is the best option. The laboratory refrigerators have different mechanisms. They are advanced, operate on lower temperature ranges, and easily store items below the freezing level to ensure their quality is intact. If you are planning to buy a laboratory freezers, read this article for once.

In this article, you will find all the necessary information about the main five features you need to think about the freezers-

  1. The main point is the Lab freezer temperature range

The laboratory freezers and refrigerators have different temperature ranges. You need to choose the right temperature range to store the items. If the temperature is lower or higher than the optimal range, things can become damaged.

The right range can be determined with the working style and sample type. In general, the Regular lab refrigerators have temperatures of 2 to 5degree Celsius with a freezer section of the range 0 to -22degree Celsius.

But the Ultralow temperature fridge has a lower range and can usually support temperatures of (-4 degree Celsius) to (-80 degree Celsius). The cryogenic freezers have a temperature range up to (-238 degrees Fahrenheit).

It is better to judge the necessities and item types before choosing a model.

  1. What is the size?

The next point you need to consider is the size of the freezer. It should be ideal for storing all the samples and equipment for your lab. If the size is too small, the machine may not offer proper results, and the samples can also suffer adverse consequences.

In general, the cap[sty of the model is dependent on the number of samples your lab needs to stone. It is better to go for a detailed check of the capacity of the freezers and refrigerators. Try to check the dimension size of the model to choose the right choice.

In case you are buying a refrigerator, take a precise inspection of both compartments. Investing in a model that has both a regular section with a freezing compartment is the best.


  1. How will you place it?

The refrigerator also needs proper placement of the fridge or the freezer. You need to consider the available space in your lab first. The model should match the open area. Additionally, you also need to check how you need to install and transport the fridge in your location. If your lab is on higher floor levels, make sure that the elevator or staircase has enough space to move the freezer.

On top of that, check if the doors of your lab are wide open to pass the machine. If the door is smaller than the purchased model, there can be many problems. So, always check the position and dimension of the windows and doors before you buy a refrigerator.

Please note that the freezer or fridge needs to have enough space for air circulation. Hence, it needs to be placed at least a foot away from the wall. It will ensure the condenser works appropriately. Additionally, there should be enough space on the sides of the refrigerator. It provides optimal and efficient cooling.

On the other hand, you also need to check the spatial access. The lab workers must have enough space to operate the machine. That means a person must have enough space to open or close the device and place things inside it.

Make sure to check the dimensions of the available space multiple times to avoid any mistake.

  1. What are the features?

One of the most important factors is the features of the fridge or freezer. You need to buy a machine that suits your work requirement. Here are some features that you can consider-

  • If your lab deals in cryogenics or requires freeze items regularly, investing in an lab freezer or a cryogenic refrigerator is the best way. These machines have a lower temperature range that can efficiently freeze most of the samples.
  • Auto defrost machines are one of the best voices in the case of laboratories and pharmacies. These refrigerators contain a fan that keeps the air circulation in control and prevents excessive ice-buildup. The models can be defrosted with single You can opt for auto defrost or manual defrost as per your choice.
  1. Check the ventilation system before you buy

Always check the ventilation system in your laboratory before you choose a model.

The air ventilation requirements are crucial if you want to maintain the refrigerator. In general, most models come with a ventilation unit on their back portion. SOS, it is better to provide a larger ventilation area to keep the machine working correctly.

You can follow the above tips for buying a new or another Laboratory Refrigerators within your budget. If you want to buy the best models at an affordable rate, connect to globallabsupply.com. The company has a diverse range of products, and you can choose any model you want.