As we all know, POE is a free game. All people in the world who want to play it can enjoy the mysterious fun of POE without spending a cent on major platforms. Since the POE team released Harvest in June, it has enthusiastically sought after by players. The relaxed and fun new league relieved the players’ mental state of tension in the previous league and brought brand-new mechanisms and functions to the players. Players with an extensive amount of POE Currency can quickly establish their advantage as soon as they enter Harvest.

PC is the first platform released by POE Harvest. Players and Oshabi, the guardian of the sacred jungle, guard the sacred jungle together. In this way players will unlock the powerful production options described by the Grinding Gear Games development team that no previous expansion can match. Players can do this by locating the seed cache throughout the game. Those who find the seed cache can bring the seeds to the sacred woods and plant them to have time to fight against powerful monsters. Killing these monsters will provide players with vitality. Then they can use it to grow exotic crops or enable powerful manual options.

According to Grinding Gear Games, there are many more things in the new expansion. Besides the new seed system, players will also get four new WarCry skills and a new Grand Slam skill category with corresponding skills and supporting gems. Grinding Gear also expected to rebalance gameplay, improve unique items, and carry out passive skill tree transformations.

When POE Harvest first appeared in June, POE’s ranking on Steam instantly soared to the top ten. Now this ranking is very stable, and more and more people are joining POE. They need to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs before entering the game to make their game journey smoother.