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Shaking incubator is a mandatory device that is used in the laboratory where cell growth is monitored and researched. This is a kind of an incubator where shaking is important to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cell culture. Often laboratories go for shakers, but having a shaking incubator will serve the purpose more effectively. A shaking incubator is the perfect combination of laboratory shaker and a traditional incubator that performs most efficiently like studying solubility, cell aeration, and cell culture. So, if you are planning to invest in a shaking incubator, you need to follow certain important features of the product.

Important Features of Shaking Incubators

The most essential features of shaking incubators are as follows-

  1. Advanced Software: Using sophisticated software and programs make the shaking incubator simpler to use. So, while buying, you need to make sure you are going for a shaking incubator with advanced software.
  2. Temperature Control: Checking out the temperature versatility of the shaking incubator is another important feature of the device. Make sure that the product you are buying comes with an extended range of temperatures.
  3. Compatible Accessories: If a shaking incubator is compatible with different types of accessories that is the best to buy. Such an incubator gives a wide range of versatility.

Knowing about these features will also help you to buy the most suitable product. As shaking incubators are not too cheap, you need to know where you are investing.

Types of Shaking Incubator

Once you know about the shaking incubator and its features, it is time to have some idea about the types of the device. There are different types of shaking incubators are available in the market. Read on to know more-

Benchtop Shaking Incubator

For working in laboratories, there are no better shaking incubators than the benchtop shaking incubator. Such types of incubators provide high operational performance and it comes with an ergonomically compact design. You also don’t need to worry about space as it is compactly designed and takes lesser space than any other of its contemporaries but provides optimum performance.

Floor Incubators

This is another type of shaking incubator that comes with superior incubation capacity and also good for the lab works when high volumes of samples are associated with it. Such types of floor incubators come with an observation window so that the lab technicians and the researchers can monitor the incubation process thoroughly.

Stackable Shaking Incubators

Finally, this is a type of shaking incubator that is used in the laboratories where small batches of samples are monitored under the incubation process concurrently. This type of incubator is also effective in keeping in small laboratories as it also takes minimum space, like the benchtop shaking incubator. Even, the design is so compact that a lab can stack more than one incubator in a small space.

How Does Shaking Incubator Work?

A shaking incubator can be used for several purposes in the laboratory. If you buy a shaking incubator, you don’t need to look for a shaker separately. A shaking incubator works the best to supply enough nutrients to your sample and also incorporates oxygen to the cell culture effectively. Besides that, the shaking incubator provides a consistent temperature and an orbital agitation to the sample at a different speed. Due to these speeds, the growth of cell culture gets affected. Using shaking incubator in the laboratory is quite beneficial as this device provide shaking and incubation, both to the sample, at the same time. Even when you adjust the shaking parameters, it can maintain the internal temperature for the sample. Shaking incubators are available in different shapes and sizes along with different specifications. For culturing cells in laboratories, this type of incubator provides the best services.

So, here you get a thorough account of the shaking incubator. This is a device that can make work at the laboratories easier. Buying shaking incubators are a great idea for cell culture as it provides shaking and incubation both quite effectively. Shaking incubators are available in lots of varieties in the market. So, you can buy from specific shops that sell lab equipment or there are specific eCommerce sites that sell shaking incubators.

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