NBA 2K21's PS5 and Series X versions

nba 2k21 cheap mt is covetous af. No one else is doing so. There has been signs as well as other games with the identical cost. $70 should only charge if there is absolutely no micro trades and loot boxes and all that garbage. Other games have an argument. NBA 2K21 which makes minor alterations year over year, with this one almost certainly being the least evolutionary because of this pandemic, has no right charging that amount. Can not blame them scum. Folks support them.

You believe they built a totally new game engine in 1? Unless they plan on releasing a mess That's pretty naive. They just upgraded the textures given the system structure is pretty much identical to the gen just. It will be stupid to rebuild from the ground given their earnings. They stated because that doesn't actually have to mean anything, that they rebuilt it from the ground up in their advertising. It sounds good, which is why they did not detail about what that means, anything.

Who said they have just been working on this for a year? Read my other comment. A new engine isn't a 1-2 year commitment and would cost tens of thousands. Do you really believe Take 2 is oking millions in spending for years of dev time for virtually no excess ROI? This is the identical company now triple on GTA V, and double on 2K that stated their clients were being beneath monetized. They are just throwing out marketing and it is clearly working.

There is A rebuilt game engine still going to take that really doesn't matter. Also working on it would mean going on a hiring spree for no gain or pulling off people 2K20, and 2k21 buy mt on the gen. Spend a ton on VC if they alter nothing but the textures and Folks are going to purchase it. Do you believe a company is going to spend a couple million dollars on years of development that makes them no gain that is extra? 10 devs that are decent alone is going to run at least $ 1M per year in total comp to you. They are not spending that while making greater than ever.