For a customer, a payment happens in a matter of a few seconds. The same process at the backend goes through a bundle of verifications and checks. It involves more players other than the customer and the merchant. More players and more processes make financial transactions secure and foolproof, however they also slow it down by presenting hurdles. This post is about those hurdles to your payment systems and presenting a unique solution to all your payments related issues like chargebacks, set-up/termination fees and friendly frauds: an eCheck payment service.

You run a high risk business and merchant account providers keep laying you off. You need a trusted payment partner and a reliable service like eCheck that will put your problems away and actually boost ROI (Return on Investment) and user experience (UX). Open up new avenues by reaching out to more customers and get ready to explore the option of scaling up.

An eCheck payment processing service will do for you what no other payment system does. First, echeck processing companies set-up the system at zero cost, charge no termination fee and second, they do not abandon their medium or high risk clients, no matter what.

Salient features of eChecks:

1. Highly secure: Echecks are is considerably more secure as they are it is filtered at multiple layers of authentication. It helps to reduce chargebacks and ensures only correct transactions can follow through. It is a foolproof system of payments that prevents fraudulent transactions by creating a process of verifiable proof in case of chargeback claims.

2. Cheaper & efficient: Echecks are cheaper than other payment processing methods in every aspect, be it no cost set-ups, free of cost termination or low fees per transaction. With echecks, business owners can hope to keep a bigger pie out of their earnings.

3. Simple payments: It doesn’t get simpler than this. You don’t even need paper or pen. Just fill out a form, call, text or email to get an echeck payment going. They It can be sent from anywhere to anywhere across the world. This makes them it a swift method for large international payments.

4. Lesser risks: Echecks are well covered to filter out bogus transactions which makes them less prone to friendly frauds and thus, they are sustainable with high or medium risk business models. No more worries of losing your business because you couldn’t find a payment method.

5. Eco-friendly: Echecks are eco-friendly, they don’t use paper checks. There is no paper trail to be printed out for safekeeping. Records are safely stored and a verifiable trail can be produced if required.

6. More customers: With an echeck payment system integrated to your business, you tap into more customers. It is good to have multiple methods of payment as it increases the chance of conversions. Don’t lose out on a good opportunity. Get an echeck payment system today to begin processing.

Call up an eCheck service provider for more details or a free set-up. Give your business the capability to process faster, safer and simpler payments.


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