It crazy. You can literally go back to any madden during the rebuilt phase (after PS2) and just pick and choose which one was your preferred because they always remove and add features and Mut 21 coins for sale gameplay elements every single year. So it actually improves year after year as it should. I'm currently playing M17, and it is not that bad. Madden 21play was more physics based compared to animation based in that time and plays do not all play the same for this. I really saw a sofa where my guardian dragged the QB down by the back of his jersey at a very unscripted way you just will not see in Madden now.

It's astonishing because M18 is another old Madden I have and it functions like crap. They began going more animation heavy I guess as it seemed more sharp to them and perhaps a few Madden gamers, but it simply feels too scripted. The run game was awful, you got 0-2 yards until the defense chose to all rush the LOS giving you a guaranteed TD which happened at least twice a game. Along with the pass defense only appears to zig and zag at warp speed aimlessly all over the area making it impossible to genuinely read the area.

People who intend to purchase Madden 21, Why?

I will not buy from EA this season. But I will get my hands onto it without them becoming a cent. And if you do, don't buy whole price, because you're not getting a complete game. Get a gamefly sub or trial and try it or wait to get it discounted. Pro-tip too on PC you are able to get origin access for 1 month for $15 and can try Madden and the majority of the EA library before purchasing games that you might never play. It's not worth the $15 if you're only likely to test Madden, but it's well worth it if you would like to try out.

Never said I had been sticking it to EA lol. I am letting people know how to try the match on PC as I understood gamefly was just for consoles. It's well worth the $15, if you want to try out the complete EA library even though. Edited my comment to reflect what I intended. Fair enough. Because you do not think it's worth try it on 25, if you're not buying it, I think. But if you've been buying it for a long time knowing it is not worthwhile but you are just a big enough buy Mut 21 coins fan which you did not care and you are finally not buying it (that is me) then giving EA any money at all defeats the goal. I'm ready to boycott all of EA products.