Die casting is a technique that can be used to manufacture parts that require very high precision. The use of versatile and extensive equipment can help manufacture parts with the most unusual geometries. By using alloys in the die-casting process, an almost unlimited number of die-cast parts can be provided, so that die-casting becomes the best process for manufacturing automotive parts, which can improve this. This is why die casting has become a very popular technology for manufacturing automotive parts worldwide.

Die casting is a technique in which molten metal is poured into a mold under pressure. The technology can also be used to mass produce very small parts for cars. Experts say that die-casting technology provides an effective way to manufacture small parts cost-effectively.

The automotive industry is a huge consumer of cast products made of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and alloys. Different types of casting methods are used to produce automobile parts and accessories. The most popular methods are aluminum die casting and zinc die casting. Aluminum die-casting parts are mainly used to manufacture lightweight parts with good thermal properties.

The following discusses various automobile parts manufactured by die casting.

Engine parts
Cylinder heads and gas engine parts are mainly manufactured by die-casting technology, because this production method is very effective and can provide excellent finish to the product.

Mounting brackets
The mounting bracket is used to fix the motor (such as the starter motor of a car) in a proper position. These brackets are also made using die casting technology. This technology can be used to design mounting brackets for stepping motors and motors according to customer requirements.

The stator is the static part of the motor and die casting can be used to manufacture these parts. Due to the different sizes of stators, die casting is the best technology for manufacturing stators.

Electronic cover
These are covers for motors, gearboxes, sunshades, stepper motors, etc. These covers are made using die-casting technology.

Other automobile spare parts, such as radiator, front fork, transmission housing, carburetor, fan clutch, impeller, alternator housing, etc., are also manufactured by die casting.

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