That is why I always purchase 2k21 mt purchase available. I'll never pay whole price. Additionally playing 2K20 feels as though I'm only playing a rise to 2K19 and that does not warrant the price that is full every year. It's why I buy every game on sale. I buy maybe a couple of a year full priced games, and you usually just have to wait a few weeks to find a better price. Games going up in price means that I play less games, and stop taking risks on whatever's not a certain bet.Exactly. It's so sad, I used to purchase up to 5 games per year. I have not bought NBA 2K since rdr2. I know I'm not gon na get the worth of my money and even if games are on sale I can't bring myself to make that purchase.

To start with, I generally agree with you, however there is circumstance that I do not often see mentioned. If you merely want a basketball sim to play against friends or on the internet, there are essentially no microtransactions, also that I haven't seen a single unskippable ad. Depends how you perform NBA 2K I figure. I enjoy the basketball sim, it is well done and really realistic. And you really succeed more like it's supposed to be played, if you play the sport which is surprisingly rare for a sports match. So depends what you desire. I wouldn't blame anyone for being turned off NBA 2K cause of microtransactions. But just as a basketball sim it is really great.

Game prices have not really changed despite inflation. We now get much bigger, longer, fully games for cheaper than we used to. And the resources are better, the pricing and marketing refined, and the sector is bigger. It costs approximately zero pennies to market an electronic game, and only dollars to manufacture and market a disk, so video games are purely a fixed price version. Meaning that no matter for how little money, each sale, increases their profitability. IP generally tends to be similar to this, as opposed to state a Ferrari, which has component and labor costs to build.

In any case, games are monetized to hell and back. Some games market for $60 all in, but innumerable games have deluxe variations, pre-order variations, year passes, combat passes, boosts, etc, etc.. The sport game sub-segment can be heavily siphoned by being a yearly series with nba 2k21 buy mt generally very unambitious changes from year to year. They are floating this as a trial balloon because they could.