OPC registration in Marathahalli is the Top OPC Registration Consultants in Marathahalli One Person Company is a new type of business that is run by one entrepreneur to operate the corporate entity with limited liability protection for the member. It was introduced through the Companies Act, 2013 allowing them to create a single person economic entity. It is the same as a Company different from its legal entity and offering limited liability protection to its shareholder while having a continuity of business. To form an OPC only one director or member in need both can be the same person, OPC Registration Consultants in Marathahalli is the best Consultants compared to other platforms and our Consultry Provide you an OPC Company registration Services in Marathahalli without any Worry, cost of one person company registration in Marathahalli is very Economical compared to any other online portal Unlike in Limited Liability Partnership and Private Limited Company, at least two members are required to do business. If One Person Company crosses the turnover of 2 cores it must be transferred to a Private Limited Company. However, before its introduction in Bangalore, it has got high prominence in Places like Marathahalli, Silk board, Vijaynagar, RT Nagar, etc. They are not allowed to carry out activities of non-banking financial companies. An OPC is considered to be a fusion of a Sole Proprietorship and a private Limited Company because it is enjoying the benefits of a Private Limited Company like separate legal entity, perpetual succession, etc. and more it is a Sole Proprietorship as only one director is required to form an OPC, Bangalore is a very big city with around the size of 650 square kilometers. It was found in the year 1591. Religiously and culturally city is untied with Kannadigas, Muslims, and Christians. Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, English are the most spoken languages in Bangalore. Also is the only city to have made Kannada as one of its official languages. It is also called as one of the safest cities with very low crime rates and safe streets.


What is OPC?

One person company registration in Marathahalli is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation space and other industries. It is platform-independent and ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors. The OPC Foundation is responsible for the development and maintenance of this standard. The OPC standard & Services is a series of specifications developed by industry vendors, end-users and software developers. These specifications define the interface between Clients and Servers, as well as Servers and Servers, including access to real-time data, monitoring of alarms and events, access to historical data, and other applications. When the standard was first released in 1996, its purpose was to abstract PLC specific protocols (such as Modbus, Profibus, etc.) into a standardized interface allowing HMI/SCADA systems to interface with a “middle-man” who would convert generic-OPC read/write requests into device-specific requests and vice-versa. As a result, an entire cottage industry of products emerged allowing end-users to implement systems using best-of-breed products all seamlessly interacting via OPC. Initially, the OPC standard was restricted to the Windows operating system. As such, the acronym OPC was borne from OLE (object linking and embedding) for Process Control. These specifications, which are now known as OPC Classic, have enjoyed widespread adoption across multiple industries, including manufacturing, building automation, oil and gas, renewable energy, and utilities, among others.



The reasons for one person company registration in Marathahalli are:

  1. One person company registration in Marathahalliis the only type of corporate entity that is run by a single promoter. It also ensures that it has a perpetual existence and an easy transferability concept.
  2. Until a Company is dissolved, it has a Perpetual Succession. It is unaffected by the death of any person and continues to be in existence.
  3. Banks and other Financial Institutions prefer to provide funds to a Company rather than a Partnership. However, OPC cannot issue Equity Security as it will be owned by one person every time.
  4. Ownership of a business can be easily transferred. In an OPC Company registration in Marathahalli ownership is transferred by altering the shareholding, directorship, and nominee feature.



The following are the need for OPC registration in Marathahalli are:

In Bangalore, OPC is a well-established business structure. Banks and other financial institutions give funds to Companies rather than Partnerships. Herewith the OPC registration in Marathahalli fast decisions can be made. No annual or general meetings need to be conducted after OPC registration Marathahalli.



OPC (One Person Company) Registration in Marathahalli   Minimum requirements for OPC Registration in India 1 Shareholder 1 Director 1 Nominee Director and Shareholder is the same person Minimum Share Capital shall be Rs. 100,000 (INR One Lac)  

Documents Needed for OPC Formation in Marathahalli.


Steps involved in OPC (One Parson Company) Incorporation in Marathahalli

Stage 1: DSC (Digital Signature) of director

Stage 2: DIN (Directors Identification Number) of director

Stage 3: OPC Name Approval from ROC

Stage 4: Certificate of Incorporation is generated by Submitting Final Documentation (like AOA, MOA, Subscription Pages, Consent Letters, Business Address Proofs, etc.)

Stage 5: Application for PAN & TAN



How to get one person Company Registration in Bangalore?


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