Is it dangerous and unhealthy towear human hair wigs? It is not until you are buying them from the appropriatestore and you are taking care of them after that (for example cleaning them).What is really unhygienic is to borrow or lend human hair wigs.However, if you feel that you need towear human hair wigs you can simply wear it at places where nobody knows you andwhere you are going to feel comfortable. If you are interested or if you just want to buy wigs, you can take a look into our website ->, our wig style so much, there is always a what you want, are you like, come on!

How many human hair wigs should a person have? From zero up to hundreds ormore, it depends on people’s interest on hair wigs and, of course, on the price of hair wigs and peoplereadyness and desire to spend money on hair wigs. However, it could be funny tohave at least one hair wig for special moments, or when you want to tricksomebody or just as a part of a Halloween costume. Hair wigs are used quiteoften by artists, especially by music stars.

So if you want to be a rock star, even only infront of your friends and family, you could choose one hair wig and go directly on thestage.Genetic factor, plays an important role for female hair loss, because genetic factor, the growth phase of hair follicle shorter than normal.In recent year, the phenomenon of hair loss has been become more serious with young female because of excessive weight loss and diet.

The experts propose, excessive weight loss not only harm for body health, but bad for hair growth. Keratinocytes as the hair main component, contains protein, iron and other materials. Lots of women prefer to eat fruits and vegetables to lose weight, few of food supplement can not meet the nutrition demand of body, lead to deficiency adequate necessary protein, iron and other nutrients, those affect hair follicle and cause hair loss.