iKITMovie - It is one of the best educational animation tools for both children and adults. Its features are-

• Overlay – explosions

• Updated new tutorials and tips and tricks

• 2,200+ Sound F/X

• Compatible with the school network

• Direct animation video upload on YouTube 


Clip Studio - When it comes to comic and manga creations, ClipStudio is the global leader. Features that make it so popular are:

• Supports frame by frame animation

• Amazing control over display and timing adjustments for creating animation

• Offer table light function

• Check several cells at one go with onion skinning technique 


Moovly - It is one of the best education tools that can be used by both teachers and students. The features of this software are -

• Access unlimitedly to over 500,000 illustrations, videos, music, sound, and photos

• Publish unlimitedly to Moovly Gallery

• Personal library storage up to 1GB

• Unlimited access to the Moovly Studio editor


Harmony - It offers all tools that you require for paperless cut-out and the fusion animation creations. The features of Harmony include-

• Occlusion and 3D camera move

• Any style of animation, effects application, and 3D composition

• Blend the 3D imported models with 2D for hybrid productions

• Create art with vector tools

• Use Z-depth for creating multiplane scenes