The PET Blowing Machine is a great success in many countries. And no wonder, producted by the biaxially oriented blow moulding process, PET or Polyethlene Terephthalate? bottles combine outstanding performances and aesthetic qualities. They give you the super crystal clarity needed to show any product to advantage. They have excellent carbonation retention properties and a good barrier to oxygen. Extremely resistant to breakage, light to handle and transport, and safe to health and environment.

Continuous extrusion means that the extruder is constantly producing a parison (tube) out of its head. The mold halves then grab the parison and then transfer it to a blow station where the air molds the part to the configuration of the mold.

Accumulator head blow molding machine.

These are generally used for industrial parts in which the melted material is accumulated in the head and then pushed out from the head by cylinders.

Reciprocating screw blow molding machine

These machines are a semi injection machine and a semi accumulator head machine. They first melt the plastic and collecting the shot in front of the screw and then push it out over the mandrel creating the parison and then form the part in the same way as type 1 and type 2.

Injection blow machine or IBM’s.

These are machines that are a cross between an injection molding machine and a blow molding machine. They first squirt liquefied plastic material into a closed mold (steel) forming a pre-form. The machine then opens its clamp and indexes the pre-form on a mandrel to a blowing station where the air is applied to form the part (usually a bottle) into the shape desired. The machine then indexes a second time to the ejection station.

Features & Advantages of the Hand Fed – PET Blowing Machine

* Compact Space Saving Design

* Touch Screen keypad & Auto Fault Detection

* Shorter Mould & Neck changeover time

* Precise Heat Control through Frequency Regulator

* Prevents Neck deformation using advance cooling system

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