The welding core is the metal core of the welding rod, in order to ensure the quality and performance of the welding seam of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt.

  The welding process performance of the electrode refers to the various characteristics of the electrode during the entire welding process. The welding process performance of the electrode has the following requirements:

  (1) The welding arc can burn continuously and stably, and it is easy to start the arc again.
  (2) The coating of the electrode can be evenly melted during the welding process, and there will be no lumps or falling off. The sleeve formed at the front end of the coating should not hinder the uniform melting of the welding core.
  (3) The slag has good fluidity, can evenly cover the weld, the weld is well formed, and the weld slag is easy to remove.
  (4) There should be no excessive smoke or excessive splash during welding.
  (5) When the electrode is welded within the specified current range, there is no phenomenon of cracking, serious redness and generation of pores in the coating.
  (6) The weld metal of  China Fasteners Suppliers is not allowed to have cracks, continuous or dense pores and inclusions.