The vane pump will malfunction due to its service life, lack of regular maintenance, improper operation, etc. during use. When encountering some legal conditions, what methods should we use to deal with it? Next, Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. will teach you how to take emergency measures for some common failures. In the face of serious emergencies, you should stop the machine immediately to avoid more serious injuries.

One: brief repair
If the vane pump fails suddenly during operation or driving, simple repair methods should be adopted to enable it to travel or work reliably. The connecting rod bearing is damaged, and the parts need to be replaced. If there is no temporary but the meter is required to work, you can use solder to repair it first, so that it can work for a short period of time.

Two: plugging
If the pump is used for a long time, oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage may occur due to its service life or its own operation. Emergency plugging and stopping in time can prevent greater damage. Once this happens, it can be patched with epoxy glue or smeared with soap to stop the leak in an emergency. If there is a perforation, it can be treated with a wooden cork, and then tied up with wire or rope if necessary. If the oil leaks due to loose pipe joints, you can use the supplied raw tape to wrap the threads 3-5 times and then tighten them. Contact maintenance personnel in time for timely maintenance.

Three: Replacement
In daily life, the market should be equipped with some small pump parts, screws, oil seals, seals, etc. When it appears
Oil leakage can be repaired in time

Four: disassembly
Under the premise of not affecting the operation of the vane pump, the temporarily unused and damaged components can be disassembled, and some parts can still be used in emergency after a simple repair. For example, the bearing of the pump is not evenly worn and can be used after being smoothed.

Five: short circuit
If a component in the hydraulic system or control circuit of the pump is damaged and cannot be repaired or replaced with spare parts, if the usage permits, consider short-circuiting it for emergency use. But it can not be used for a long time, because the heat of the circuit is often increased after the short circuit is connected, and other circuit components may be burned. When conditions are available, the damaged components must be replaced immediately to prevent new failures.

Six: Supplement
When the oil pipe of the pump is broken, if there is no spare pipe replacement, a plastic hose can be used for connection and temporary use.

Seven: suspension of use
When the vane pump is in operation or driving, if the circuit or hydraulic system is damaged, the damaged part can be disconnected and not used temporarily. If a wire ground discharge in a certain part of the engine starting system cannot be ruled out for a while, the positive pole can be suspended to power off, and only the ignition system will be powered for first aid. If one of the several parallel branch circuits of the hydraulic system fails, the oil inlet pipe can be removed and sealed with a plug at this time, so that the other branch circuits can continue to work and be repaired in time when the work is completed.

Eight: Alternative
When a part of the vane pump is damaged and cannot work, it can be replaced by other parts on the vehicle that do not affect the work temporarily or parts made on-site. However, this maintenance method makes the performance of the construction machinery poorer. It is usually only used when it is running at no load.

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