Recently, Blizzard announced that players can change the character's gender for free in the upcoming "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands". Before that, players had to pay if they wanted to change their gender, but from now on, this will be changed in Shadowlands. Hight received many interviews this month, in which Eurogamer interviewed, he talked about this feature and the way the team allows players to change gender in the barbershop.

"Quite a while prior, we had the WOW Classic Gold capacity for players to go in - it was really a paid assistance - and change their character", the maker said. "Quite a bit of that is presently in the hair parlor in the game. What's more, as we were including things up in Shadowlands, we understood, 'Gosh the main way you can change your sexual orientation in World of Warcraft is to experience this paid help.' And we felt like that is not the correct message.

Hight clarified that, while a generally straightforward change, it takes some work at the back-finish of World of Warcraft to execute.

"Shockingly we can't fix that at the present time yet it is our expectation with Shadowlands to remove that from being a paid assistance thing and put it in the hairstyling parlor. In any case, that is not something we can without much of a stretch hotfix - tragically, we can't do that at the present time. It is something that we will have in Shadowlands itself."

The component is as of now live on the Shadowlands Beta, and at the hour of composing, the sex change costs 100g in the Barber Shop. World of Warcraft's up and coming eighth development dispatches in the not so distant future all inclusive, and for the absolute first time in WoW history, is highlights a level-crush – players will begin at level 50 and will have the option to step up to level 60.
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