Drinking vodka, in the same way as other social customs of individuals get-together to celebrate, carries with it a foundation of a long and rich history and various conventions that have come to us down through the ages. The acknowledged ceremonies of toasting with vodka are established in the way of life, history, and conventions of Russia, in spite of the fact that it has assumed an increasingly universal personality in this worldwide age. Vodka is as yet a huge piece of the social texture and relational cooperation of Russia and is loaded with various shows.


Like Vavoom's organization with Bruin Glass for its hand-made Milanese jugs, Vavoom collaborated with Isaac Halasima, craftsmanship, and video executive who's accomplished work for universal pop-rock sensation Imagine Dragons. The video he created rejuvenates the brand's vision impeccably and can be found on the organization's redone site.


Our interesting scope of Hoverboards and other electric vehicle items are planned with wellbeing and quality at the heart. Guaranteeing congruity with UK/EU guidelines for every item where appropriate. We take no easy routes. We genuinely trust our affection for this Eco green innovation is shared by our clients and we endeavor to grow better items consistently. Our responsibility will consistently be to our items and clients first.