I think it would be fair if everyone had the exact same amount of badge upgrades as opposed to how large you can calculate stats in a category In terms of how to ascertain badges. I think it's fair to also have 2k21 mt purchase a badge to acquire receptive rather than running, if I want to shoot and slash. I do NOT need a badge to be a shot or slasher so that I wouldn't commit to an entire section of a pie graph for playmaking. Basically, some badges work builds but are tied to entire categories that are not worth creating a portion of your build.

I understand that makes balancing somewhat tougher. However, if everyone has a certain amount of badges and attributes the points that aren't tied into some archetype, then you need to choose what transaction other features off and to specialize in. If all points are inserted to every skill, if I were to balance everything I should cross out in 65-70. Because of this, it is far better to pick exactly what you do in your game instead of try to be all. This myplayer builder is a step in the ideal direction but I also think it's still currently limiting to the participant in unnecessary ways. In addition, I don't know a lot about balancing but I think that the way I think my player builder ought to be implemented is a method to allow players to be invested in what abilities they want.

PS 7'3 290 pound glass cleanup defending centers are anomalies in life and should be reworked somehow. Sure there are some but to have it as basically the best center in the game is a lot. The length, height, weight and badges are too strong for a single player. They could single force players to play with a specific way. They're strong and too tall for slashers for players. The worst part is, when because they get the upgrade system each other build but gain the most it is totally reasonable for them to exist.

This badge on HoF does not create much of a difference in contrast to its effectiveness on bronze. I have read someone say that mt prices 2k21 select dodger does not conquer bronze steel wall this year, and from my experience online (and even offline in MyCareer) I often agree with this. Since the defender, I will still have a lot of difficulty fighting screens even when I feel as though I did a fantastic job preventing the display, simply because of getting sucked in to the screen the same way I did when I didn't have pick dodger equipped. Ive noticed lots of teams in rec just using screens ALL game consequently, both off ball screens to acquire their shooters open and pick and rolls for the PG. Not to this extent it's now, although this has been a staple of 2k and basketball. When the defense can't counter it much, and certainly is more of problem.