In recent days, the 2K team released NBA 2K21 to the world. Since the outbreak of the unknown crown virus at the beginning of this year has spread to the world, they have stranded many things originally planned to start, and 2K is no exception. The NBA had to suspend the 2020 season to ensure the health of all players. The unpleasant news is that many NBA players have been infected with the unknown crown virus. After it releases the new PS5 and Xbox Series X, players on these two platforms can use their NBA 2K20 MT to buy what they want.

Note that there are original NBA stars in each version. For example, the cover star in the version released on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo is Damian Lillard, the current star of the Portland Trail Blazers. The cover star of the legendary version is the deceased Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Zion Williamson, the top pick of NBA 2019, is the cover star of the next-generation PS5 and Xbox X series standard edition. What they want to know now is what kind of huge rewards can players who booked NBA 2K21 get?

Players who book the 2K21 Standard Edition can get 5,000 VC, 5,000 MT and 10 My Team envelopes for free. I will send the above rewards to players’ game accounts within ten weeks after the official release of the recent version of 2K. It is worth mentioning that players can also play the Superstar Challenge corresponding to the current version in unique versions. It bases this on three articles by Lillard or Williamson, which include Free Agent cards, personalized shirts for My Player, and a clock for this game mode.

They can get rich 2K20 MT by completing many superstar challenges in different versions. At the same time, when 2K21 is released, they’d better Buy NBA 2K21 MT a lot to be fully prepared. No one does not expect the arrival of the new NBA 2K. Let us be fully prepared for its arrival.