Nowadays, putting pens on paper is not so common, but this definitely does not mean that you should be awed by the wonderful and peaceful writing experience! We are used to clicking, typing and tapping, and it feels like simple writing is outdated, but if you want to change your creativity, organization, or thinking, it's time! Spending time every day to connect with your life and thoughts can ensure that you feel new to yourself. If you are looking for a smart choice to buy a notebook, please continue to read several different types of paper notebooks for various occasions and functions:

1. Graphic notebook
Graphical notebooks are perfect for those avid drawers who are eager to have creative outlets ready at any time! Graphic books are usually blank with thorns, allowing the pages to lie flat, which is very convenient for artists! You can find a series of artwork-specific notebooks, or you can choose models that are not lined with high-quality paper to achieve a similar effect. The style you choose should reflect your artistic sense, or, if you want to showcase your work, why not find a graphic notebook with a kraft paper cover? You can create your own homepage design!


2. Bullet Diary
The bullet journal is a bit like an art, and everyone who has gone through this process is dedicated to this work. If you want to create a bullet journal, you absolutely need the right notebook to complete the task. As with graphic notebooks, you need to find books that are dotted or wireless. The bullet journal method does not involve rule pages at all, so avoid it! Your diary will become your organizational resource for a period of time, so be sure to choose something that reflects your personal style!


3. Spiral
Spiral bound notebooks are very suitable for education or leisure occasions. They are very convenient because they allow you to move the page completely. These are very easy to access, useful, and often lined up, perfect for taking notes in school or lectures!


4. Moleskine, classic
Moleskine can never go wrong. The brand is known for its simple and luxurious laptops, and their practical, sturdy and simple design looks amazing. Moleskine produces laptops of various sizes for various purposes, but the Classic series may be the most notorious. Prepare a pocket-sized Moleskine for meetings and note-taking at work!

5. Tabbed
Tabbed notebooks are great for organization experts. These tags naturally separate your pages, which means you can assign any number of functions to each area of ​​the book. Tabbed laptops are often used in schools or universities because they enable you to carry a large number of topics at once! If you need a one-stop shop for all items, please prepare a laptop with a label for yourself.


Sometimes, you only need a piece of paper to put it on the table. Notebooks are great for traveling around or commuting to get off work, but even if not better, notepads for home or professional offices will work fine. Notepad allows you to immediately confirm the day’s activities or view yesterday’s notes. People usually think of small cushions, but you can find A4 and larger notepads to make your life easier.

These are just a few notebooks, you can find the most suitable notebook when you go shopping! Consider your lifestyle and personal style, and choose the most suitable book for you.


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