Electricity meters are used to measure the amount of electricity or electricity consumed in factories and houses. The meter actually measures the electrical energy passing through the circuit. For direct current, the energy is A = V.I.t. In AC power systems, only watt-hour meters are used.Earlier electric meters (such as watt-hour meters) used to be used only for alternating current and are now obsolete, but their functional modes are still interesting. It is composed of cathode, electrolyte and scale. There is a separator at the top of the meter and a scale at the bottom of the scale. The sealed glass container contains an electrolyte composed of a mercury salt solution. Some consumption current flows through the electrolyte. A certain amount of mercury is deposited on the cathode. Mercury collects at the bottom of the container. The scale is in kilowatt hours. The mercury is then recovered and returned to the top of the compartment.


Another older type of electric meter is the electric motor meter, which is a small DC motor. There is an aluminum disc mounted in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet. The aluminum plate contains three coils, and the three-part commutator provides current. The current supplied to the coil is proportional to the total current flowing through the user equipment. Another type of electric motor meter is the induction meter, which can still be used today. The induction meter does not have a commutator and has two electromagnets. One of the coils is powered by the consumption current and the other coil is connected to the consumption voltage. The interaction of the two coils creates a moving magnetic field that induces eddy currents in the aluminum rotor disk.


These currents cause the disk to rotate in the direction of motion of the field, and the speed of the disk is proportional to the strength of the two magnetic fields. It also depends on the phase shift of these fields and therefore on the power factor. Today, most electric meters are electronically controlled by various circuits

and small computer chips. This allows the meter to not only record electricity consumption, but also other information, such as the time and date of electricity consumption, and can also help generate invoices.


Electric meters are extremely common and can be found almost anywhere that consumes electricity. Almost all houses will have at least one electric meter installed, and it can be of several different types. For example, some electricity meters are produced specifically for different residences, such as economic rate meters or pay-as-you-go meters. The pay-as-you-go type meter refers to the electricity purchased in advance. This can be

 achieved by using a payment type of credit card or payment "key".


Insert the card or key into a dedicated electronic socket, pay the specified fee, and upload the information to the card or key. Then insert the card or "key" into the corresponding meter, and the meter will receive the uploaded information. The most common unit of measurement is kilowatt hours, where demand is measured in watts

 and averaged over a period of time (usually a quarter of an hour).



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