Onyxia, the broodstock of the black dragon flying, is not only one of the most memorable raid leaders in World of Warcraft's history, but also one of the first two raids released when the MMO was launched. Her roar and roar made the raid team of forty people into a panic, which was really frightening. The entire assault team tried to escape into her lair without any preparation, but there were many eggs around her lair. When the assault team touched the eggs, the eggs would break and produce wyrmlings. These Cheap WOW Classic Gold wyrmlings joined In this war, the raid team was quickly defeated.

Onyxia became one in all WoW's most notoriously difficult fights, birthing a whole generation of still-funny memes. Earlier on, however, a team of 40 World of Warcraft Classic players finally took their ultimate revenge by not just defeating her, but by doing it entirely naked. No weapons, no armour, no trinkets. Just fists, lots of frost bolts, and a ridiculous amount of coordination.The classic battle system of World of Warcraft is more complicated than the previous system, but it is more interesting. Many players love the classics. People around them like to buy WOW Classic Gold at the MM0WTS store, mainly because this store can provide very cheap prices and safe and legal commodity. If you are also very interested, through MMOWTS.com, you will learn more.

The incredible feat happened on the Zandalar Tribe European server, with players from a range of guilds participating within the Vanilla WOW Gold achievement. Thus far I've found two videos of the kill, one from YouTuber Sallamos showing the purpose of view of a priest and another from 'bacons lime' showing the fight from the attitude of a frost mage.

If you're wondering how this can be even possible, the solution could be a pretty simple combination: plenty of consumables, buffs, theorycrafting, and frost mages. The 40-person raid group had a minimum of 12 frost mages, with the remainder being mostly other spellcasting classes like warlocks and therefore the necessary number of healers to stay everyone alive. Only some melee classes were present, including one tank who would keep Onyxia's attention and stop her from attacking more vulnerable players. The rationale for this, explains Wowhead, is because spellcasters aren't nearly as tormented by having no gear or weapons as melee classes. Plus, during the second phase of the fight, Onyxia takes flight, so having ranged spells may be a must.

The challenge is that World of Warcraft Classic's combat system is far more complicated than it's within the modern incarnation of the sport. So as to stay Onyxia from unleashing one in all her deadly attacks on the raid and wiping them out, the only paladin tank, named Berit, had to stay her attention the complete time. But without weapons and armor, tanks can't generate enough "threat" to stay bosses focused on them.