I'm A Kid And I Don't Have The Bread To Get The Real Deal. Also, I Don't Want To Hit Up My Parents To Get Me Them Because I Don't Want Them To Get Set Back Hundreds Of Dollars Clothes. I Don't Buy Much "hype Beast" Stuff, But When I Do, I Look For Relativity Cheap Street Wear. I'm Popular And Not Insecure So I Don't Buy It To "fit In", But I Buy Them Because I Like The Design. For Example, I Love The Play Comme Des Garcon Tee With The Big Heart And Small One On The Side, And You Can Buy It Re-sell For 80 Ish Dollars. I Save Up Money From Doing Chores, Reffing Games And Holiday Money. Most Of My Cloths Are 10$ - 20$, But When I Buy Hype Beast Stuff, It From 50$ - 80$. On The Other Hand, When I Want To Rock Something That's Way Out Of My Budget, I Buy It Fake. I Don't Abuse This, Because I Feel Like The Brand Deserves The Money, Not Some Fake Knock Off Seller. Even Though I Like Supporting The Seller, I Do Think That They Should Tone Down The Margin Of How Much It Costed To Make Vs What Their Asking For It. So The Times When I Buy Fakes, I Don't Flex Them. If Someone Asks Then Ill Tell Them Their Fake, I Just Like The Look. For Example, I Bought Off White Converses Once, To Go With My Jeans And Guess Shirt, But No One Asked If They Were Fake. I'm Not Gonna Go Around And When Someone Looks At My Shoes Say "they're Fake", Ill Just Smile And Keep Walking. I Tell The Truth When People Ask, But I Wont Look At You Any Differently If You Buy Fake Shoes And Say Their Real, Because I Don't Know Where Your Coming From. Maybe You Just Want To Fit In With The "cool" Kids, Or Your Trying To Cover Up The Fact That Your Not As Well Off As Everyone Else. It All Fine As Long As You Don't Sell Them As Real. That's Just Wrong.


My Go To?s Are

1) Stadium Goods (because They Offer Discounts) But Just Remember You Will Pay The Ny Tax, And It Will Hit You Cross The Head! But Your Shoes Are Real, And Again They Offer Discounts.

2) Flight Club... If You Miss Out On Stadium Goods, This Is A Very Expensive Option. 7 Of My First 12 Pairs Were Resell From Flight Club. Also Like Stadium Goods, If Your Sneakers Come From Nyc, Get Ready To Pay That Tax!

3) Fineline1721, The Homie Is Legit, But... Woooo Them Early Prices Are A Mf, But He's Gonna Have You Laced.

4) Sole Supremacy, They're Out Of California, And They're Great! I Stay In The South (east), And It Takes A Bit To Get To My Sneakers (just Like Flight Club La), If You Don't Do Next Day Or 2 Day Shipping.

5) sneakerdon.com, This Is Benjamin Kick's (dj Khaled's Plug Man Before Khaled Got Connected) Website Retro-Red-Velvet-Nike-Air-Jordan-11, And I've Ordered From Him. He's Pretty Good, But May Not Have A Huge Selection Of Kicks Like The Others Above. When In Doubt Check Him Out.

6) Holy Sneaks, This Is Ds Dan's Plugman, And He?s Pretty Much Like Fineline1721. He Costs As Well, But If You Catch Him Right, And You Can Pay... He Got You!

mike Named Rif-la, But My Experience With Their Customer Service Was Bad. I Wasn't Sold Fakes, But They Had A Cheaper Pair On Their Site I Wanted To See Pictures Of, And Let's Just Say I Never Saw Them And Had To Go With The More Expensive Pairs. And To Make Matters Worse, My Stuff Came In All Beat Up Dusty, But Sneakers Were Fine, But They Never Answer The Phone Line. Things May Have Changed, But That Was Just My Experience With Rif-la. Hope This Helps... Peace!