Development of water vacuum pump in electric power industry

The basic principles for the development of electric power industry are to improve energy efficiency, protect the ecological environment, develop hydropower in an orderly manner, optimize the development of coal-fired power, actively promote nuclear power generation, moderately develop natural gas power generation, encourage new energy power generation, and drive the technological progress of equipment industry.

China will also have an installed capacity of at least 130 million kilowatts, including 40 million kilowatts for hydropower, 60 million kilowatts for thermal power, 70 million kilowatts for nuclear power and 30 million kilowatts for others. During this period, there were more than 500 key projects with an investment of over 100 million yuan, with a total investment of 3 trillion yuan. Among them, there are 207 thermal power projects, 132 hydropower projects, 8 nuclear power projects, 82 wind power projects and 21 biomass power generation projects. Therefore, in the next few years, the power pump market is broad.

Of course, Zhonghuan vacuum pump thinks that the key requirement of electric power pump is to adopt various pipeline booster pumps with energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection, especially the development of nuclear main pump, charging pump, reactor cooling pump, high pressure safety water injection pump, boric acid pump, nuclear first, second and third stage pump, supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power unit pump, boiler feed water pump, booster pump, circulating pump, condensate pump and water ring Vacuum pump, centrifugal ash pump, reciprocating ash pump, coupling, metering pump, pump for cooling unit, flue gas desulfurization device and other pump products.