According to a survey by Center for Immigration Studies, nearly 48.2% of the citizens in America’s five biggest cities currently speak a dialect/language other than English back home. Nationwide, it has reached a whopping record of over 67 million speakers. Talking mainly about Houston, it is observed that the city has close to 2.3 million residents and is the fourth populated city of the United States. Being the largest in Southwest and South, Houston’s demographic, racial and ethnic diversity is to be noted and appreciated. It is an abode of more than 145 different languages. With a huge number of multicultured citizens, there comes a need for translation services as well. Vanan Translation provides translation services in Houston, Texas where it is language, industry, and city-specific where we swear by localization.

More than 3.5 million foreign travelers flew to Houston in 2017 with the majority of these passengers coming mainly from Mexico. Global trade creates more than one-third of all jobs in the Houston metropolitan area, directly or indirectly. Known for various industries, this city is specifically famous for its business sectors and industry-specific translation and localization. With these many opportunities in the bucket, there is an obvious need for a professional translation company that provides various kinds of document translation services in Houston. Vanan Translation provides personal and professional document translation that is notarized and certified by our skilled translators. We provide translations for a number of industries that include Academic, Business, IT, Manufacturing, Legal, Medical and so on.

Well-distinguished for its costly lifestyle, beautiful counties, residents and more, Houston is definitely an amazing place to live in. The cultural and distinct town creates its economy using industries such as glass, aviation, defense, logistics, energy, education, medical research, rubber, automotive and steel. Every business set up needs legal translations for their company's paperwork. Whether it has to do with patents or company law, legal assistance is a must. We at Vanan Translation provide legal translation services in Houston at a quick turnaround for all the industries. When it comes to legal services, we are available 24*7 on all days. Our legal translators are specifically handpicked skilled experts who have great knowledge of rules and methods relating to legal translation. Since it requires a great amount of expertise, we have dedicated and designated account managers to manage the team of translators. By delivering same day translation and super rush services, our primary focus is to make sure that deadlines are met assiduously without any delays.

About Vanan Translation

At Vanan Translation, we are entirely dedicated to offering the best Translation, Captioning, Transcription, Video Editing, Typing services, etc. We are an ISO compliant company that ensures 100% confidentiality and reliability. Working with us makes your job hassle-free. Our specialists are skilled professionals who also provide certified translation services in Houston for all your personal and professional documents. We combine state of the art technology alongside great turnaround to provide the best translation service that you can receive.