For nearly two decades, players have been able to travel to Runescape, offer the world to explore and people to meet. Now, players can use their relationship has been built at that time to tackle new challenges in Old School Runescape, Nightmare of Ashihama- all-new attack featuring up to 80 players at once.

The Nightmare of Ashihama available now for players at Old School Runescape, and can be accessed by a trip to the catacombs of the Sisterhood Sanctuary in Morytania. There, players will face the boss just called "The Nightmare." Those who visit Mrytania for the first time will need to complete the "Priest in Peril" quest before they can continue, but after that, they are free to tackle the boss with up to 80 players. It's a neat piece of content for the game, although the updated version of RuneScape got a dinosaur in the latest expansion, which does not sound a little bit more interesting.

"The Nightmare of Ashihama is the first boss of the correct group Old School RuneScape that allows up to 80 players to come together to give a major takedown. Through the introduction of all-new combat mechanics, Nightmare brings something completely different to our other players vs. Monster (PVM) content.

"Like all introductions of new content in Old School, no one will be released unless we have the support of the community. Late last year we put the Nightmare a poll of players, and passed with flying colors attracted more than 45,000 people with 90% approving of his additions. Empower our community to have a voice in gaming content, via a poll like this, it is extremely important to us as a development team and we can not wait for players to join and overcoming nightmares these days. "

You have to deal the minimum amount of damage to prizes during The Nightmare and the number of spoils drooping scales with the amount of damages awarded attacker during combat. Every player who contributes "enough" to fight, however, will get a chance tertiary levy reduction, such as pets, jar and scroll instructions. So, go get stuck in. Moreover, provides Cheap Old School RuneScape Gold for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.