In #FUTLIVE of Gamescom, we showed the brand new FIFA Mobile to the world. After a brief introduction in the program, many players have a lot of questions about the game. We hope to reply as many cute questions as possible. Then next will list some common questions related to FIFA Mobile and some answers given. So next, let's read together! As we gradually approach the global version of the game, we will try to answer more questions.

When is that the game available worldwide? FIFA Mobile launches this Fall. we are going to announce a firm launch date at a later time.

Is there a soft launch? Which countries get the FIFA Mobile Coins sport first?Yes, we do have a soft launch. the sport launched first in Canada, Portugal, Romania, Singapore and Sweden.

Can you speak about what's happening with FIFA 15 Soccer Ultimate Team (New Season) and FIFA 16 Soccer Ultimate Team Mobile? am i able to still play them?Older versions of the merchandise are still live today, but we urge fans to grant the new FIFA Mobile a try.

Will any of my content from FIFA 15 New Season or FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mobile carry over?As FIFA Mobile could be a new experience, none of your content from our previous mobile games will carry over.

Will my phone run the game? We built FIFA Mobile to run on most mobile devices and therefore the download size is a smaller amount than 100MB. If your device can run iOS 8, Android 4.1 jb, or Windows 10 Mobile, then you ought to haven't any problems downloading and playing the sport.

What is Attack Mode? Attack mode is an exciting new game mode in FIFA Mobile. it's an asynchronous mode that pits your team against other user teams during a turn-based match. you're taking turns trying to Buy FIFA Mobile Coins get as many goals as possible in each half, with the on-pitch action focused entirely on Attacking. Every goal you score earns you fans, and therefore the more fans you earn, the upper up the ranks you climb.I also like attack mode very much, because I am a person who likes active assault. I also think that attack mode is an exciting new game mode in FIFA Mobile. In addition, whenever my FIFA Mobile Coins are insufficient, I will choose to buy the required goods in the MMOAH store, because this is a store that can provide relatively low prices and high-quality goods, and has won many customers' praise. It is recommended that players have Where high-reputation sellers buy FIFA Mobile Coins, the MMOAH store is your best choice.

What is a league? The league is the community environment of our game. You can form a league with your teammates, or you can join an existing league, both. After entering the league, you can compete with each other in friendly matches and inter-league tournaments, complete cooperation achievements, give gifts to each other, etc., and finally compete with other leagues in teams to strive to become the best league in the world. We all agree that this not only enhances the friendship between good friends, but also a good way to meet other players and improve skills.