Saldy jagex decided with upgrade to rs gold paypal kill Vorago using mage armour. This will result in energies vorago and dropping not beeing rewarding to perform. Thanks for reading grammar mistakes, english is not my first language. In my Opinion jagex should give the t92 variants the"masterwork treatment" which makes it able to be custom fit so that it degrades slower. To balance price it would use 1 (maybe 2) fix kits + the t90 armour variant to recharge. That should keep armour and its sources at a decent cost. Also add the requirement of a repair kit to masterwork to keep them in line.

If you look at solak and AoD they have just become dps dummies both.Yeah, part of the reason I really like vorago is since you dont have to be a fantastic dpser to do the boss efficiently. You are still able to handle 5 kill hours in duo if individuals are taught the mechanics. This is with dps being 15-25% under maximum efficiency. For me this means I have a great time and could go to any of my friends. Unfortunately ramens supervisors (solak and aod) become so aids if just a few people are underperforming. Also the only thing which makes you good at these bosses is pretty much just how much damage you can do.

Sure in the endgame every boss is all about dps, however before endgame and while learning mechanisms in vorago a participant can be good at the boss and the mechanics prior to being a skilled dpser. They are similar in certain ways. I wish more bosses were like them. I wish I could try them! My clan doesn't group pvm much and even though I have expertise at other high end bosses I have difficulty finding bands. I think we need to wait and see exactly what the market does. I have heard people stockpiled energies before the update and dumped them all when they realised that they weren't used in these large proportions. This could cause an almighty fall. People will utilize t92 increasing the outgoings of energy. Secondly it was my understanding that tectonic was expensive due to vorago being a slow and tough boss not tectonic has value therefore vorago is good cash.

A phase is a phase. That in itself is a significant flaw and allows you to literally afk p2 and p4 if you're not base or bomb. The drop system can be utterly horrendous and dated. Tect ens is not even a 100% drop per pile for starters. And unlike most other bosses it discourages any function that isn't base or bomb because of the way the fall system works. The boss just takes a long time and overstays its welcome. I dont have a problem with time gates. Aod and solak are to blame for why people dont have the patience for time gates. Also drops split anyway, who cares if the drop system is wack.

Time locks encourage nothing. You can literally only fletch for the entirety of p4 or p2. Droplog things and critters aren't although drops may be split. At the very least there ought to be a engagement drop added that is there for vit/bombi rolls, the same as all other group directors (like the way AoD has just one ). An 11 min boss at which only minutes is really something. Yeah, that is definitely too long for anyone. By cutting the timelock you make the cheap RS gold fight shorter permitting larger kph, more rolls at uniques, and much more tect ens each hour, which is good because it's absurd how they're still like more than 1m ea.