In Tibetan, "tso" means Lake. There are so many lakes in Tibet, dotted like blue diamonds on the ground. So Tibet is not only a place of gigantic mountains, but it is also a land of beautiful lakes. Despite its high elevation, it is surprisingly littered with 1500 lakes, among which 787 scenic lakes are as big or larger than a square kilometer, occupying two-fifths of the Chinese lake areas. And all of the lakes are breathtaking due to the plateau background. 

Lakes are sacred to the Tibetans. Tibetan people believe that lakes have spirits just like the holy mountains of Tibet. So, it is not unusual to find many ardent devotees who make their “kora” around these sacred lakes. Kora is a meditative practice, done by devotees, by circumambulating around a sacred site like a lake, mountain, or temple. So, now let’s get to know some of these famous sacred lakes: