I love these shoes, and I love the concept of The Trophy Room - but the way Trophy Room handled the online release was worse than most in my opinion. Yes - Trophy Room is a Shopify site so it's very obvious that bots will eat some pairs, but I didn't see anybody but people w/ bots touch a pair and that's INSANE for a single product that loaded with nearly 4000 total stock. There was literally ZERO bot protection. Loading a product on a link w/ an incorrect name doesn't do anything to stop bots, the people operating them can easily change their target link.


Not only that, after cancelling some duplicate orders from jordanshoescheap4sale.com, when they processed restocks they only restocked single pairs at a time, which means that those only went to bots as well. You'd have to load several stock at a time in several sizes for a person to even have a chance to checkout manually. Now I am hearing that they allocated the majority of cancelled pairs to in-store stock. That's just terrible. So not only do the bots win because regardless they'd have a single pair standing, but now the people without a bot who aren't in the Orlando area have literally 0 chance to touch the shoe without paying resale.


Social Status and Patta's release for the Patta Jordan 7's was much more structured and both sites actually had bot protections. I know several people who copped those manually, including myself and there were less stock - Social Status literally had less than 500 pairs. Did the shoe have as much demand? No, but it was still a hyped shoe w/ less stock and resale value, yet people w/ bots didn't touch nearly as many pairs.


Trophy Room needs to hire somebody to design some sort of bot protection for their site. Plenty of Shopify sites have them and I am sure they have the funds to be able to do so. Shoot, if you happen to see this Marcus (Or anybody affiliated w/ Trophy Room) talk to the guys over at Toy Tokyo, whoever manages their launch site that is Shopify based. They do a phenomenal job at stopping bots and catching any bot orders.