I would regularly be main healing support classic wow gold on one of the tanks, doing exactly the job the guild's main healer received. This point is exactly right: Vanilla gear, with all its goofy and awful itemization, was not holding people back. Experience and knowledge of WOW Classic wasback in the afternoon, there was an pressure and any deviation from this has been. If you were not in one of these guilds, understanding how WOW Classic worked was written off as being a tryhard instead of being ordinary, like WOW Classic eventually became.

It is not just the knowledge of mechanics. It's also how Blizzard released gear. Gear and tier collections were updated through Vanilla as it was right before TBC came out which was by far the best edition of that equipment, however they released the model of gear. Our personalities are a good deal more successful than they were suppose to be at this stage in WOW Classic. And did people scream before launch this is a super difficult sport and no babies are going to be able to survive this. Yeah lol, BWL cleared very first night it released.

I cannot imagine anyone that played with vanilla thought that. It was tedious, buggier and slower to par and you had to rely more on crying in town to receive classes to do dungeons and then give up when you wiped in brd due to respawns and you were tired of it. Agreed. I haven't played for a couple expansions, and I have been enjoying WOW Classic. So I shilling for retail. However, it only seemed like a reality to me that raiding in vanilla has been stupidly easy concerning skill, and was just made difficult because of tedium, and the attempt of coordinating 40 individuals.

It was problematic to me how often people would legally try to argue that raids in vanilla took skill, and that raids are faceroll. Raids have mechanisms today. You're lucky if they have got any mechanics in any way. Plenty of bosses have one debuff and you deal with it by either decursing, or being debuffed. Wow, such mechanisms. I don't know how many people appeared to believe vanilla had hard raids.

Because WOW gamers are 10x better and have 100x more information and tools (infinitely superior plugins, sims, actually good computers which operate WOW Classic on over 25fps in raids and adequate size screens, voice communication and mics created in 21st century). I would be prepared cheap wow gold to wager than any ordinary player who follows guides, watches few direct videos/streamers is a better raider than most"top raiders" during vanilla occasions. Seriously hear a few of the men and women who raided seriously during vanilla (Preach has some fantastic stories) and you realize that even the top WOW players were simply winging it like everyone else.