In the selection of kitchen cabinets in modern homes, stainless steel and solid wood cabinets are currently two popular cabinets. Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets , in short, refers to cabinets made of stainless steel. Solid wood cabinets refer to cabinets made of solid wood or solid wood composite doors in the whole cabinet. However, due to the different materials used in different types of cabinets, they have different advantages, so many friends will inevitably feel a bit overwhelmed when choosing. So which is better, stainless steel cabinets or solid wood cabinets?

1. Environmental protection: Although most of the traditional wooden cabinet doors are marked with healthy zero formaldehyde, in fact, as long as there is urea-formaldehyde glue as the raw material of the glue, there will also be formaldehyde pollution. Stainless steel cabinets use stainless steel for the cabinet and door panels, so there is no need to worry about formaldehyde.

2. Durability: The service life of traditional wooden cabinets is 5 to 8 years, most of which are manifested as wood decay, counter deformation, and inflexible hardware rust. The use of stainless steel cabinets with mechanical honeycomb aluminum core board, thermal insulation and collision resistance, environmental protection, toughness, and there will be no bleeding, breakage, etc., the service life of 30 years is completely no problem.

3. Anti-corrosion: The solid wood plate is easy to be eroded with the increase of water and fire environment, and it can also slowly deform. When the vegetable soup is scattered, it is generally not easy to clean up. It takes a little longer for the vegetable soup to easily seep inside and produce spots. . The stainless steel cabinet body is made of all stainless steel, which will never deform and rot. The countertops and cabinets are highly impermeable, no matter how dirty, as long as they are gently wiped, no traces will be left, so that the countertops and cabinets look like new.

4. Environmental impact: Although the solid wood cabinets are light in texture and high in workability, they can be made into many difficult shapes. However, affected by the environment, if it is humid, it will deform, if it is too dry, it will crack. However, the door panel of the stainless steel cabinet uses 304 food grade stainless steel, 220℃ high temperature baking paint process, anti-burning is not afraid of heat, and it is tough and upright in any environment, so you can rest assured to use.

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