But we have the code of Madden 20, if things were scripted behind the scenes. Games are full of Mut 20 coins things like gameplay mechanics and rubber banding, but there's no system in place inducing players to be better or worse or possess certain things happen or not happen to them. Why don't any of those things occur to high rated Madden gamers? Why are tournies made by the men and women and always win? Why don't they ever get screwed by DDA/Scripting? DDA/Scripting is just the new name for its"Equalizer" they are all non-existent in Madden.

Question. Since when did EA squander ANY money? We can't even get small updates. They complain about the cost of everything! Again EA doesn't waste money. And they surely wouldn't pass up the opportunity to exploit ANY angle potential. Why would they introduce this in an effort to convince them that money is coming to their stock holders? Don't be a gullible fool.

There are many EA games and possessions outside of its own 3 sport titles. If you have read the patent (I have) you'd know their examples talk about racing games versus CPU (rubber banding), AI in shooters, and cellular games like Candy Crush. You be aware that the patent cites nothing about the possibility of being executed in an online or Peer or DDA present. There is not a single mention or example of any sports titles. Call me gullible all you'd like, but at least be knowledgeable on your beliefs. EA stinks, bar none.

They are a shitty business that make (usually) lackluster games full of greedy and evil practices like micro trades and content behind pay walls. But should you would like to tell me there is some hidden system set up making players respond and play in Madden 20, you're likely to have to prove that. They used Fifa in the DDA presentation for instance. They really have it DOCUMENTED that a participant can be strongly influenced to purchase more in sport micro transactions by changing the problem (patent: dynamic difficulty) and gameplay experience by providing one players team an advantage or BOOST. Im paraphrasing here.

I know you did not understand, but, PLEASE your eyes open. The following links demonstrate EA THEM SELVES explain DDA in an online environment. By spreading misinformation, dont assist this scum bag business. Come on man. Read the patent. The info is there for you. Madden or Fifa 0 results, console - 0 results, online - 1 result, cellular - 3 results (of which cheap Madden nfl 20 coins explain their patent is about to mobile games similar to candies crush. Please don't tell my eyes to open once you are ignorant to the proof facing you.