There is great news today for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players still devoted to the most happy addictive way to remain sane kind of stuck at home during a pandemic. In the biggest update yet Nintendo Switch hit, players will soon be able to explore the water around their island. Oh - and Gulliver is a pirate now.

This first update brings back familiar with the hobbies Animal Crossing: swimming and diving. Although you will not be able to swim far enough to reach any neighboring islands, you will be able to explore the waters around on your own. There, a number of new sea creatures await, such as starfish, sea anemones, and eel. Of course, anything you pull out of the sea floor can be donated to the museum.

While Nintendo did not give us a specific release time for the Summer Waves Update 1, we can speculate that it will arrive around midnight on July 3, when the update is intended to be available. Most updates to the game has been available around midnight most times, although we also could see him arrive at 5:00 am on July 3, because that is when the day actually repeated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you want to Buy Animal Crossing NH Bells, you can come to for help. is the best online store that has about 10 years of selling game currencies experience.

This update will also introduce a mermaid craft sets, which can be obtained through interaction with Pascal. You will be able to get a prescription new DIY Pascal - a sea of ​​red otters that will appear weekly in the entry Animal Crossing before - by trade scallops with him, but it is unclear whether he will be around as infrequently as Redd (introduced in the previous update ). There is also a new meeting with Gulliver, despite what it produces is not made clear.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will get even more free content in August as part of a second wave of the summer update, Nintendo teased more news on that soon. This is the first title for the star party both Nintendo and Nintendo Switch players, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons sells more than 13 million copies during the first six weeks of sales.