Oil flow observation method. Take two measuring cups, one of which contains dimethyl silicone oil to be inspected, and the other empty on the table. Lift the measuring cup filled with oil 30-40 cm away from the table and tilt it to let the oil slowly flow to the empty cup Observe the flow situation, and the good quality should be slender, uniform, and continuous. If the oil flow appears to be fast and slow, and sometimes a large piece of it flows down, it is said to have deteriorated.

Light method. On a sunny day, use a screwdriver to lift the dimethyl silicone oil at a 45-degree angle to the horizontal. Control the sunlight and observe the oil droplets. Under the light, you can clearly see that there is no debris in the oil. It is good and can continue to function. If there is too much debris, it should be replaced.

Hand twisting method. Twist the dimethyl silicone oil between the thumb and the index finger repeatedly. Good quality hands feel lubricity, less abrasive debris, and no friction. If you feel a large friction like sand between the fingers, it means that There are many impurities in the oil, which can't be used any more and should be replaced.

Oil drop trace method. Take a clean white filter test paper, drip a few drops of oil on the filter test paper, after the dimethyl silicone oil leaks, if there is black powder on the surface, if you touch it with your hands, it means that there are many impurities in the oil. It is of good quality and should be powder-free, dry and smooth to the touch, with yellow marks.

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