For some reason we expect garden Rattan Lounge Set to cost less, even though it has to stand up to the rigours of the climate. We also expect it to last for many years, if not a lifetime.

Miraculously both of these expectations can be fulfilled as some garden furniture offers exceptional value for money compared to interior furnishings. Even inexpensive furniture can last for many years, if you choose wisely at the outset.

Buy outdoor furniture that is a natural extension of your indoor look and your house’s architectural style. If your house is modern, buy modern-style outdoor tables, chairs and chaises; if your house is like an English cottage, choose similar-styled outdoor furniture. Fortunately, there are myriad options that vary in color, shape, style and care. Whatever you do, always try out furniture before buying it: Comfort should be at the top of your criteria.

Consider what pieces of furniture you need

It is also important that any outdoor furniture you purchase is based on the needs of your family and how you use your outdoor space. For example, if you want to relax with a book, then comfort is paramount, so look at a day bed or an outdoor sofa set such as our Fluer (see below).

How about comfort? For many this is the most important consideration. Chairs that are wide enough and high enough; shaped seats and higher shaped backs; tables that are the right height for the chairs.

Relaxers that are easy to recline in and get out of all make a difference as to whether using your garden furniture will be a pleasure or an endurance.

Buy enough furniture to accommodate your family and guests. Also, supply enough shade for all, which might mean purchasing a few umbrellas with sturdy stands.

Get cushions and pillows that are made with polyurethane foam, which, unlike polyester-filled cushions, allow water to literally flow through them.

Consider the different materials

When shopping for outdoor furniture, the most important decision you have to make is regarding which material is best for you

Timber garden furniture

The look and feel of natural timber furniture is very appealing. However, the sun and rain will make wood fade and split/warp. It required frequent maintenance to keep it weather-proof. Go for timber furniture that’s constructed from dense, moisture-resistant hardwoods, such as teak. And make sure that each piece is fastened together and not glued, preferably with brass or stainless steel fittings.

Plastic garden furniture

Plastic is lightweight, reasonably sturdy, easy to clean, recyclable and generally inexpensive (although there’s many high-end designer pieces on the market too). It won’t rust, need painting or rot in the wet. However, it will degrade over time. If you want a colourful outdoor setting, then plastic is the thing, but do check that the plastic polymer has UV-stabilizing pigments, because these will ensure that those bright colours won’t fade too quickly.

Rattan garden furniture

Synthetic rattan is leading the way in terms of technological advancement in the garden furniture industry. These all-weather wickers are woven from extruded synthetic strands that can be dyed many a different colour. Woven around light, rustproof aluminium frames, it is has all the benefits of plastic furniture, but with a much more sophisticated look.

Metal garden furniture

Outdoor furniture made from metal is always an excellent choice. Aluminium is a contemporary material that suits both contemporary and classic designs. It is lightweight, doesn’t rust and is long-lasting. Just make sure the furniture has a UV-resistant powder-coated finish as this will prevent oxidation on the surface.

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