Details are still scarce about what NBA 2K21 will look like. Glance longest in the game that we've had so far come up for PlayStation 5 show put by Sony, where New Orleans Pelicans stand Zion clip collection Williamson introduces himself playing in an empty gym. However, that hardly anything other than some brief info about the gameplay, and there are a number of questions about the game that need to be answered.

For one, there is no word on who will grace the cover of this year's game. Last year, NBA 2K20 features Anthony Davis on the cover, with Dwyane Wade gracing the cover of the game Legend Edition. The good news is that we are just days away from finding out some of the cover of this year.

There has been much speculation about this year's cover athlete, with everything that happened last season - a season that has never happened before discontinued because COVID 19th pandemic and has consequently been a long time until mid-fall, perhaps. But this new announcement from 2K Sports definitely a game-changer.

Initially, speculation going around that end of the Kobe Bryant should be honored as this year's cover athlete. NBA 2k further stirred rumors by releasing a teaser video earlier this month to show the first overall pick last year, Sion Williamson. Kobe and Sion will both have their own cover? And, if ever there will be a third one, which would it? MJ?

Brand also said that they would take advantage of this new platform is more for the latest updates and content on NBA 2k21, which is set for release this fall. We should expect more updates and post the NBA 2k tiktok page in the coming days as the launch approaches 2k21. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap NBA 2K21 MyTeam Coins for players.