For the HDPE type floating body, the current main production method is blow molding, that is, using a shaping mold to complete the one-time blow molding of the floating body. From a safety perspective, the Boxing Sandbag manufacturer reminds that it needs to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Weather resistance

Since the HDPE floating body will be used in outdoor water for a long time, its weather resistance directly affects the safety of the entire photovoltaic power plant. For this content, it is recommended to conduct specific aging tests on the floating body, including the damp heat aging test and the ultraviolet aging test. The environmental parameters can refer to the specific standards of the corresponding items in IEC61215, and compare the tensile fracture stress retention rate of the product before and after the experiment.

2. Basic performance

For the basic performance of the floating body, it mainly includes the following aspects:

1) The buoyancy of the buoyancy body, the draught Q94 can be calculated based on the size and weight of the components carried by the buoy on the water; 2) The tensile fracture stress retention rate.

3) Airtightness, to ensure that the floating body will not hesitate to cause airtightness problems when the thermal barrier shrinks during use, and a practical and beautiful water platform can be completed.

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