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An essential role has played by fume hoods and keeping technicians safe from all sorts of harmful chemicals by offering the best ventilation system. These bench fume hoods are best at controlling and absorbing any kind of substance that may hazardous for anyone such as fumes, gasses, dust, vapors, and aerosol. When a chemical reaction occurs then it will act as a barrier within the lab.


On the flip side, technicians as well as workers need to use it in a way that can work effectively and accurately to let get the whole benefits related to protective measures. Thus, we are providing to make sure that laboratory benchtop fume hood provides utmost protection against toxic fumes, dangerous reactions as well as chemical spills.

Minimize Air Disturbances

The effectiveness of a fume hood can decrease airflow disturbances. That is the reason that it is important to find out the suitable size for the hood is necessary for maintaining the good order of working. After a fume hood is installed, then place it where it can avoid crosscurrents. Many things can lead to result in crosscurrents such as pedestrian traffic, windows, exterior fans, the opening and closing of doors, and windows.


To make sure the maximum containment, it starts avoiding the area of high-traffic so the worker starts moving around the hood. An air disturbance may create by avoiding the quick movement from in and out of the hood.

Make sure that Exhaust is working properly

Before beginning their work in the lab, the technicians make sure that the exhaust is working properly. The main job of a benchtop fume hoods is exhausting fumes, so if this part is not working properly then there may be some issues in the whole operation.


Check the baffles entirely when ensuring that the exhaust is working. Such parts of the ventilation system are movable partitions that create openings in the back of the hood. It is helpful to keep the airflow uniform that increases efficiency. Check out any obstructions that may hamper the airflow.

Airflow monitor is also included in the hood and regularly check the status. Making sure that it is properly functioning will enable you to better examine any suspected changes in the process of airflow.

Practice Good Procedures

In equipment that has an amazing feature of exceptional hood design only provides high efficiency if the equipment is used effectively. The key is to do proper operating procedures. A set of instructions as well as procedures by the manufacturers will come along with each kind of fume hood. On the flip side, some instances of good lab benchtop fume hood procedures comprising the following:

  • If there is any large apparatus on the inner area of the hood, then put blocks under the equipment so that air can flow below it.
  • Keep the hood closed if you are not working in the hood or setting up any apparatus.
  • Whenever it is possible to keep the hood sash closed to increase the performance. If there is any power outage happens, then lesser the hood sash to within an inch. So, it creates a chimney effect to let the airflow.
  • You need to be aware of while dealing with some materials such as paper products, aluminum foil, and chemical wipes. These are light in weight and can easily suck into the hood and may impede airflow.
  • Utilize the sliding sash barrier if you are using a benchtop fume hood. This one is good for protection and allows you to keep your face aside from the work area.


Prioritize Housekeeping As Well As Maintenance

It is important to have proper housekeeping as well as up-to-date maintenance that is necessary to make sure that the lab fume hood is working properly and providing high performance. Here are some housekeeping and maintenance procedures that you need to implement involve:

  • Never store items like chemicals in the hood. They can block the airflow and also interfere with containment too. It is recommended to keep fifty percent of the workplace clear all the time.
  • Store the harmful chemicals in the approved safety cabinets. If there is a need for harmful chemicals, then take a small portion of it in the hood. Bio-safety cabinets are designed with a motive of proffering protection against biological material exposure and also serve various functions. It is vital to use the right cabinet for a definite chemical or biological material.
  • You need to check the fume filters if you are using the ductless fume hoods to ensure that they are clean or require to be replaced. To remove hazardous fumes as well as particles from the lab, these clean and carbon filters play a significant role.

Do you want to use a benchtop fume hood?

If you want to use such a benchtop fume hood, then make sure to keep all these things in mind and use it effectively and correctly.